Who I am. Why I’m doing this.

This blog is a chronicle of my progress (successes and failures) loosing 100 lbs starting July 2012.

About Me

As a morbidly obese 260 lb, 30 year old woman, it’s critical for me to loose at least 100 lbs to be healthy. I would like to start a family with my husband before I turn 35 and my weight is a serious health risk for both me and a baby should I become pregnant any time soon. Having just moved, I feel that now is the perfect time to reinvent myself and rediscover the skinny person living inside the package I no-longer recognize as me.

It’s not going to be easy and I don’t believe in following any popularly prescribed weight loss programs or regimens to the letter (although I’m sure to steal the parts I like from many of these same plans) – I’m going to loose 100 lbs but I’m going to do it entirely my own way.

Throughout this journey I will share my own story as well as interesting recipes, bits of health/weight-loss related information, and status updates on my progress. It may be a long time before I loose all the weight but I’m not going to give up until I do.


26 thoughts on “Who I am. Why I’m doing this.”

  1. Congratulations! I joined Weight Watchers online in May to lose 40-50 lbs. and just started blogging about that experience. I’ll be checking back in to see how you’re doing. I’ve tried it before both ways (WW and going it alone) and found I do better with some guidance, but I’m eager to see how your DIY approach works for you.


  2. TheUnpolishedStones said:

    I support you! That is awesome that you are taking a risk and making a change for you and your future family. Best of luck to you!

  3. rasanchize said:

    Hey, I just wanted to say good luck and I will be following your journey! I have read through your blog and we are very similar. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them my weight because I don’t look overweight/I can dress my body. I need to lose at least 40 pounds to be considered healthy for my age/height/whatever. I am really happy you are doing it for *you*. I am strong minded as well and don’t want other people telling me to loose weight. I have my mother constantly on my back about it, and when I am ready, I will start my journey. I am happy you are starting yours and doing it your way. I don’t know you and I know you are already an inspiration to me. good luck!!!

  4. Congratulations on being freshly pressed and GOOD LUCK on this journey! I’m reading a book called “It Starts with Food” right now, and it’s something you might also enjoy reading — all about the food we eat and our body’s physical (which can trigger the emotional) response to it. Look forward to reading more!

  5. Good for you!

    I´ve subscribed to your blog to follow your progress. Every good wish for your success. 🙂

  6. You are a brave bold woman.

  7. Well, good luck girl! 🙂 The fruits on your top banner look delicious and I’m sure that through that image alone you’re encouraging people to eat healthy yummy things such as those 🙂

    I never needed to lose much weight (I go back and forth losing and gaining weight, but the variation never got past 26 pounds (it’s usually half of that, actually! – well, I hope I’m getting the math right, I’m Brazilian and our weight measurement thingie is in kilograms – I normally get 5 kg fatter and the most I put on were 10 kg), but one thing that works for me when I realize my weight is getting out of control and I wish to reduce it is thinking that all those yummy, very fattening things that I love and crave for have always existed and will continue existing after I’ve attained my goal…anxiety is a bitch! LOL

    So, for instance, when I go to a family party – and trust me, my family is numerous, and are ALWAYS celebrating something, and they ALL cook extremely well!!! – I normally catch myself thinking “Wow, this is so yummy!! Oh oh, so is this!!! Oh, and this one, I have to get a bit of this dessert too, even if I already have 3 on my plate, because what if there’s nothing left by the time I finish those 3…oh and I’ll also repeat that one, because it’s just soooo good, and what if next time they don’t prepare this dessert, or if it comes out different and not so good…”. When that’s the case, I stop and breath and start reasoning within myself: WOMAN, STOP IT! This is not the first or the last party you’ll ever be in (there’s gonna be Christmas again next year, right??), and this is certainly not the last time you’re ever gonna have a chocolate mousse. And even if next time it’s prepared differently, or if this person decides to never prepare it again, still, there will be chocolate mousses in the world, and some of them might be as good as this one or even better! So, just taste a bit of each, or taste a lot of ONE dessert, and be content 🙂 I don’t know if that’s good advice or if it works for anyone, but for me it always helps, especially when I’m face to face with the most delicious temptations and realize I start getting out of control LOL

  8. letseathealthier said:

    I respect and admire you for resolving to loose the weight you have gained since getting married. Loosing weight is never easy, but I can tell you from experience that loosing it AFTER you’ve had children is even more difficult. So I strongly encourage you to loose as much as possible BEFORE you have any children! I look forward to following your blog!

  9. Your story is truly inspiring. I cannot wait for your final results, newfound recipes, and any other advice you have to offer. I too am currently trying to lose weight, and this blog is much needed inspiration. Thank you!


  10. windmillsandsheep said:

    Good luck, I’ll be following you on your journey.

  11. hvanblokland said:

    Looking forward to seeing your updates.

  12. Good luck to you- I know you can do it! Thanks for being so honest and sharing your journey. I think your blog will be inspiring to all who tackle big challenges in life.

  13. I wish you all the luck! good on you. I’ve also decided that I will lose weight my way even if it takes a little bit longer. I have some great recipes on my blog if you are running out of dinner ideas.(except for the cupcake recipes, they are really not good for a diet, lol!).

  14. I too am in a similar situation: my husband and I want to start a family but I weight a bit more than you! I started at 287 and I am 27. I also started a blog, feel free to check it out. I am a on a program because I need that regimine! Good for you for going it on your own. I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  15. We started our year long journeys the same month! I completely understand the idea of going at it your own way and I look forward to reading your blog. In all reality since we’re on the same time schedule, I might use you as an extra push to keep going on those days that I just really don’t want to 🙂

    • Same here – I’ll follow you too and we can check in on each other and you can do the same for me – I know doing it alone sure won’t get me anywhere. 🙂

  16. I have tons of recipes chock with lots of good veggies if you ever need any ideas. Just send me a message either on my blog or via email.

  17. I admire your courage and dedication. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us. I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog.


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