My Progress and Measurements.

Blog started: July 15, 2012

This is where am I at now (updated January 1, 2013):

  • 251 lbs (down from 261)
  • 42″ waist (down from 49″) 
  • 53″ Hips, inc. belly and butt at widest points (down from 55″)
  • 28″ Thigh (down from 28.5″)
  • 18.5″ Calf (down from 20″)
  • 17″ Upper Arm (down from 18″)
  • 11.5″ Forearm (down from 12″)

If you’re counting, that’s a total of 12.5 inches off my figure.


  • Pant size: (Starting) 20W
  • Blouse size: (Starting) 20-22W and 22-24W
  • T-Shirt Size: (Starting) XXL
  • Bra Size: (Starting) 44 DD

PICTURES (taken in August 2012): (So, it may take awhile to get any “after” shots that show progress but here is my “before”)

Weight: 253 lbs

Weight: 253 lbs

Weight: 253 lbs


9 thoughts on “My Progress and Measurements.”

  1. I like how you have listed all of your measurements. I believe that I may do the same. I am wishing you great success and hope that we can be an encouragement to one another and to other women looking to get a boost along their own weight loss journey.

    • Advice – get an actual tape measure – I was using a piece of ribbon and a yard stick! HARD! I bought an actual tape measure today and it’s SO much easier. Ha! And I learned this technique from a brief stint with Curves several years ago (in which I lost 20 lbs) and it was so much more motivational than scales. Best to you.

  2. I think that this blog is a really good idea to organize a weightloss plan and also get and share ideas. I wish you the best of luck , and I bet you will inspire many people 🙂

  3. Hi there! Just another new WordPress blogger! But I wanted to say I have been where you are. My weight loss journey started at about 260 pounds too. I feel like it’s very brave to share and invite people into something so private. If you ever need words of encouragement or just someone to say how unfair it all is too, I’m here! I look forward tor reading!

  4. Our body types seem very much alike. You have more courage than I to post pictures, good for you!

  5. lindsey said:

    Congratulations on mustering the courage to do this! If it helps any, my blog is full of low-calorie and carb recipes and just simple things to fix, and many low calorie foods that you can get when you eat out! I started calorie counting when I hit 260, and I’m 20 years old and 5′ 8″. I was a woman’s size 16 in 6th grade and only grew from there. Losing weight (or inches, I count inches) isn’t as hard as you would think. You have to lose your self-consciousness. Every other time I’ve tried to “diet”, I always thought, oh I’m the fat girl eating a salad, fat girl eating a salad means she hates herself, fat girl is fat, salad isn’t gonna help her. But once you start in hard core and you notice results, it is a DAMN good feeling, and its something to flaunt and be proud of!! When you can refuse fattening foods with no effort or longing, its not embarrassing. Its self-control and you’ll be so proud. So good luck and work hard! Once you get past the first set of results, it will get easier!

    • I’ve had that internal conversation before – generally when I’m eating next to some skinny mini girl eating a piece of pizza or something. But, you’re right – SO right. Doing the right thing does feel good – damn good.

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