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I’ll be starting the year off 10 lbs lighter than when I began – considering that I at least “maintained” over the holidays and didn’t gain any extra weight (even with three sinfully delicious chocolate melting cakes on the cruise) I’m pretty pleased.

This is where am I at now:

  • 251 lbs (down from 261)
  • 42″ waist (down from 49″) 
  • 53″ Hips, inc. belly and butt at widest points (down from 55″)
  • 28″ Thigh (down from 28.5″)
  • 18.5″ Calf (down from 20″)
  • 17″ Upper Arm (down from 18″)
  • 11.5″ Forearm (down from 12″)

If you’re counting, that’s a total of 12.5 inches off my figure.

While I haven’t bought any smaller clothing or anything. The only area to show any real progress is my waist and my hips still need a size 20 pant. My waist measurements are clearly obvious because I have to roll down the waist of my pants and slacks constantly because it’s too big – if I could get my hip and thigh measurement down I’d be able to go down a size I think. It does emphasize by belly fat though for sure – I’ve become much more self-conscious of it as a result.

So, the holidays are finally over and now the new year is stretched out before me. Better put my best foot forward… which means no more melting cakes