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The new year begins in just a couple of days and it’s time for all of those new years resolutions to be made (and then later guiltily forgotten and broken). This year, I’m going to try something new. Every year I “resolve” to really lose weight – to count more calories – to stop eating chips altogether – to never drink another soda…. EVER, etc… it gets old. I do well for about a month and then BAM – that’s the end of it.

The paved road and all that…

So this year, my new year’s resolutions are NOT going to center around weight… at all. I’ve already resolved to do better and guess what, I have been. I haven’t been as diligent over the holidays because that’s reality and it’s hard as hell with various food limitations to get through festivities (with a family that just doesn’t get it) without eating some things that aren’t exactly on the “nice” list. Santa will get over it and so will I.

Me at Christmas... in a DRESS!!! :)

Me at during the holidays… in a DRESS!!! 🙂

I did okay on the cruise but overall I ate potatoes at practically every meal and about 1/3 of the time they were fried in some form. I also ate a chocolate melting cake (sans ice cream) each night (3 in all) as my desert for the day. It was a cruise – that’s kind of what you do. But, the rest of the food wasn’t bad. I ate a lot of fruit, didn’t drink soda or sweet tea, and stayed away from dairy about 98% of the time.

I didn’t weigh myself before or after either – I decided that this wasn’t necessary  I don’t need to beat myself up over an extra pound. I don’t want to feel guilty I just want to avoid behaviors that make me feel guilty to begin with. I don’t regret the splurges and my body “feels” the heaviness of bad food choices without guilt added to the mix.

When you don’t eat well you don’t feel well.

I have been much better since getting home. I missed cooking so badly. I’m going to weigh and measure on the 31st. It will have been 3 weeks since my last check-in so I think it’s enough to really see what the real effect of the holiday has been.

So, what are my New Years Resolutions going to be?

  1. Stop cursing so much when NOT in mixed company. 
  2. Send more letters to people… snail mail style.
  3. Crochet either a cardigan or a blanket. I’m a great crocheter but simple because of cost I’ve never made anything that needed more than 2 skeins… I’d really like to crochet something a bit more substantial over the summer break.
  4. Give blood. I never have because I’ve always been unable to for one reason or another but not anymore and as a universal blood type I really should.
  5. Finally read the rest of the Game of Thrones series (at least the books that have been released thus far). I was half-way through book 4 when I stopped reading them 3-4 years ago pre-HBO. (My husband wants me to add Dune to this list but we’ll see.)

Happy Holidays everyone, have a good New Year!