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Good god it’s been a packed couple of weeks. I’ve been playing catch up after my best friend came in for the weekend and I’m preparing for a conference and have tried to get ahead of myself in course prep in order to free up some time to get my stuff in order. Because of all of the frantic hop-scothery (yes, I made that word up) I’ve noticed that weight loss hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of my mind… particularly because eating hasn’t either.

Perhaps this is part of why I can’t take the weight off – it’s not so much that I eat bad things but rather – that my eating habits are not conducive to healthy normal bodily needs.

I get so busy that I often go a long time without eating. This means that I sip on water from about 8-10 then eat a granola bar or 3-4 Sun Sweet Ones (prunes), grab another snack around 3-4pm after skipping lunch entirely and then snarf down a dinner that’s typically higher in carbs and soy than it should be around 8ish…

In between I may eat a handful of raw almonds or a low-fat pudding cup if I’ve got a sweet craving I don’t want to get out of hand. Sometimes I do eat a good size (as in appropriate, not overly large) lunch and a good size dinner but on those days it’s unlikely that I grab breakfast at all.

Confession: I have also been drinking soda 2-3x a week (not fabulous but not near like it was) and my hubby and I grab Subway or Panera at least once a week as well (occasionally 2x).

The meals I make are typically thought out in terms of calories but when I haven’t eaten all day I can make excuses about caloric intake and allow myself to not worry to much about that extra 1/2 cup of rice or extra spoonful of whatever… after all, when I’ve only had 600 calories come 8pm… so what’s the harm, rightl?!?… you get the point.

I wasn’t really aware of how bad this was. I started thinking about my energy level the other day (i.e. it sucks) – about how my calories are spaced out… how I allow myself to cheat without “cheating”…

Subtle sabotage. Plain and simple. 

So, this weekend I’m scheduling a little time out of my busy freaking life for a cool dose of reality. I need to re-evaluate my plan and hit the grocery store in preparation of next week armed with a bit more of a strategy – one that includes breakfasts… lunches… AND dinners… all at proper caloric and hourly intervals…

So, for inspiration I’d like to share something that one of my lovely subscribers shared with me: As a  young art student, Julie Kozerski, documented her journey to lose 160 lbs through dressing room photographs of her progress.  While she didn’t intend for this to become an actual art project, she found the evidence of her own weight loss something quite magical. The change is shocking and absolutely awe-inspiring. (Enough to help me kick myself in my own ass for slacking even if inadvertently.)

Check out her work – it’s worth the click: http://juliakozerski.com/changingroom

And, more next week on the new plan… perhaps you guys will have some tips that have worked in your own busy lives.

This whole “adult” career woman thing can be a bitch sometimes but there’s nothing stopping me from looking fabulous while working my metaphorical butt off but myself.