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Crazy week.

With the semester starting in a week, lots of meetings and new-hire orientations, and my husband out of town after the death of his fraternal grandmother, I’ve been feeling pretty frazzled and stagnant.

Husband had made plans to see his rapidly ailing grandmother two days after she passed, it came as a shock despite the fact that she had a rare disease and had been dying slowly for the last 7 years because the doctors had thought she had a bit more time. She got to say goodbye to everyone though – a blessing most don’t have – and she’s no longer in debilitating pain. She was an amazing woman.

Husband is doing better. He comes home tomorrow evening.

So, it’s been me and the cats all weekend. I haven’t been in the mood to cook much which means I’ve been simply “snacking” more often. A pita with some hummus here, some applesauce there, a cheese lap-over and an apple at best. I do this during the semesters but typically with vending machine variety morsels…

It’s not as healthy as eating meals but if you’re a college teacher you know it’s near impossible to maintain that regimen and when you can eat you do or else you find yourself getting shaky in front of a classroom of glazed eyes realizing that you can’t remember when you ate last – and then you grab something from the vending machine because it’s the most accessible option.. it’s no good.

I’m going to have to figure out some kind of a system. I’m a bit miffed that there is no faculty kitchen in my new department. We have a microwave and coffee pot but no fridge… why did I sell my mini-fridge when we moved!

I’ll figure it out.

I went to weigh myself on Sunday but discovered that my scale (my 30+ year old scale) finally bit the dust – it was topping out (which would mean I gained over 50 lbs) when stepped on and reported that my small 9lb cat was around 40lbs… (I didn’t tell him, I felt it might make him more full of himself than he already is.)

I didn’t bother to measure – I felt that I didn’t emotionally need it, considering. I’ve been doing really well… I know that… I feel that… that’s enough for this week. I will be purchasing a new scale later this week though – I’m hoping to get a digital one (move up to the 21st century and all). I’ll resume next weekend when I’m in a better head space.

In terms of calories I’ve been hovering around 1200-1600 most days. This is pretty good because my target zone is 1600-1800. I’ve only been swimming a couple of days though – we got massive storms most of last week and I’ve been thoroughly exhausted and unmotivated. I can’t see that changing anytime soon though, so again – must find a better solution.

I’ve now made it through 2 and 1/2 weeks without ANY kind of soda, brown or clear. There’s no way I’ll “never” have another soda like Husband, but – I think this is a step in the right direction.


So -> recipes that will be posted later this week: 

  • Veggie Pot Pie with Fillo Dough (159 calories, 1 fat gram)
  • Lentil Soup (168 calories, 2.25 fat)

Just gotta make the time for posting these… and doing so many things.

Some days it’s hard to just keep your head above the water and others you just wonder when the rain will finally come. The happy medium comes and goes so quickly… if you find yourself there enjoy it while you can – it makes the other times so much more manageable. There are usually linings if you’re willing to look hard enough. What metal they’re made of is slightly less predictable.