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Not that you can tell any real “figure” changes as a result of my 2-day bug but hey… I’m trying to put a pleasant spin on an otherwise disgusting adventure. But, I’m feeling much better now. I’m quite sure all I’ve lost is water weight but I’ll take what I can get ’cause I’m now at 253 lbs! Meaning…

5 lbs down! (Total of 8lbs in first two weeks.)

Eating nothing but crackers, mashed potatoes, and applesauce for three days is a great – though completely unrealistic – diet plan. Another bright side – it makes the idea of ice cream sandwiches and chocolate bunny cookies seem like a thing of the past. I’m now craving things like veggies and rice and tofu. A good sign on all levels.

I have been sleeping a lot. I realize that this is only partly because I’ve been sick – it’s also because I’m in a bit of a funk without Husband around. I’ve thrown myself into “work” mode – I’m a college teacher and the semester starts soon. I’m teaching two entirely new courses so there’s a lot to do. It’s a welcome and positive distraction from issues of weight loss and my temporarily absent best friend.

I took a break yesterday after having reaching a big goal in my planning process and thought: “Man, I’m so f*ing tired of being alone!” So I went out to the grocery store and bought some yeast to make a fresh loaf of wheat bread, called and talked to my mother, and picked up a small light caramel frappaccino from Starbucks (which settled my tummy lovely and made me feel like I’d finally recovered to some extent – click link for nutritional info for a medium). On the way home I thought: “I’m not tired of being alone… I just miss my friend.”

I’m actually doing okay on my own. I’m finding a rhythm. I also find that I’ve started added some pretty ritualistic elements to my routine. Feeding the cats, loading the dish washer, putting up laundry – these tasks all become a bit overly acted out. It’s a bizarre turn of the screw I must say. And, as I’ve been able to think about food more I’ve started thinking about food more… (this must be some sort of subconscious reflex like needing to scratch your usually non-itchy nose just because you’re unable to do so). I’ve been thinking about meals I can make, what’s the healthiest way to go about it, what can be justified and what can’t.

When coming from a “sickness” mindset – food begins to look different. It’s heavier, more filling, more flavorful – too flavorful. It makes me re-evaluate my view of food in general.

Example: Mashed potatoes. We actually really like the instant Idahoan potatoes and pick them up about 1-3 times a month. They’re yummy, although the Yukon gold version (our favorite) were discontinued or something because you can never find them anymore. (I digress – back to point…) They’re not horrible for you by any means but I eat a heck of a lot more of them then necessary.

Yes, you eat less when you’ve been sick, but I think that – for me – I just eat what I’m supposed to because I’ve gotten so used to justifying larger servings that they seem “normal” even when they shouldn’t.

Of course – this isn’t amazing news or anything. You see this kind of logic in the media, in books, and the effects of studies are starting to impact restaurant portions daily – we live in a nation of excess so, really, no big surprise.

But knowing something and feeling it are different… 

I’ve been limiting my portions prior to this but I always have this psychological feeling of being deprived, of still being hungry, of… dieting – like it’s not how it’s supposed to be. Being sick has made me feel this truth – to the core. 

Husband and I eat an entire package of Idahoan potatoes (4 servings) as a SIDE dish which typically compliments some kind of vegetarian meat-less “meat” product and a veggie. (Because we only tend to do mashed potatoes when with this type of spread.) 1 serving is about 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes. This has always seemed like SO little… but it’s not, not really – not when you’re putting it with other foods! Eating 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes as an entire meal, well sure – that’s not that much food (unless you’re sick because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing).

I suppose my Husband will disagree – his metabolism is completely opposite of mine. He hikes, he runs, he sweats, he grunts – he’s a 6’2″ adult male! I’m a 5’3″ adult FEMALE and my dietary needs are simply different from his. I need to stop thinking that I can eat what I feed him and still loose weight.

I can give Husband the full cup of potatoes with his meal and NOT do the same for my plate… What is it that makes me feel like I DO need to do this though? Silly. Just silly.

So, some “food for thought” I suppose – something I’ll be mulling over with regularity in the coming days. I’ve already made myself promise to keep up the momentum – to maintain the “sickness” mindset for a bit as a way to try to reset some sort of skewed sense of portion normalcy that’s been ingrained in me for years.

As always, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be posting some great recipes this week so check back soon. 

Mini-goal: 250 for next week – that’s 3 lbs when I’m riding the water-weight portion of my weight loss so that’s doable I hope… and I’ll be able to get back in the pool today so that will help too.

Click here if you’d like to see my other progress updates for the week. I’ve lost a total of 6.5″ in the last two weeks as well. 🙂