Crappy schedule = happy scale!



Well, the semester has started back up and I can without a doubt say that while my course load and students are amazing and wonderful my schedule is just about this side of horrendous  I have colleagues with a heavier course load who are on campus less hours than I am.

When I come home I’m so mentally exhausted it’s hard to put complete sentences together. I end up grunting like some 16 year old angsty version of myself:

  • Husband: How was your day, love?
  • Me: URngh.
  • Husband: Did your new lecture go okay at least?
  • Me: Urm surehhnedtolnggerthery…
  • Husband: So… is that a yes?

But, this does mean that I have little time to snack but very few options to fall back on if I forget to bring appropriate things. So far I’m doing good. I’ve been trying to remember to eat breakfast before my 9am class because I don’t get out until 11:45 so if I forget my tummy is grumbling by the time I return to my office.

Breakfasts consist of fruit, high-fiber granola bars, and juice. Lunches are typically a microwave whole-wheat pasta dish, a handmade sandwich with lots of veggies, or a big-ass salad with 50% spinach and 50% tomatoes – I alternate to keep from being bored. It’s been going well.

I’m starving when I get home but too tired to pig out – I make our usual dinners and then watch Netflix and hit the sack early so I can get up and do it all again.

I’ve already lost a couple of more lbs since my New Years “official” weigh in but I like to watch this a bit longer to see if it stays off.

At this rate my new schedule will at least have one perk – less time and opportunity to eat. Just gotta remember to eat SOMETHING when I can so I don’t pass out!

Only 16 more weeks to go…